Meghan & Darren

June 7, 2016

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This year has been incredible for us, we’ve met couples who were perfect for us and our style and this couple was perhaps the pinnacle of the year. When they contacted us and asked to do their engagement session at this small, off the road park, we obviously agreed. Sadie and I love exploring and looking around. I usually check out the land and fantasize about how the native people used the local resources and what resources are natural and what ones are man-made while Sadie wanders around looking for cool-looking insects or interesting fossils or plants. We were excited to explore this little, seemingly empty, park with the couple.

Once we met up, though, we were pleasantly surprised to hear the park was founded by the groom’s family. As it turns out, he was a native to the area, as was his family and they were deeply involved with local community. They host an annual cane grinding festival and helped to build and maintain the park. It was a little less of an engagement session and more of a guided tour. He took us around the park, showing us where his family used to go hog hunting and where he had grown up. He knew that land like the back of his hand, it was the land of his ancestors. It was fascinating for me to listen to his stories and the history of the area.

These are our favorite kind of engagement sessions, when a couple really picks a location that’s important to them on a personal level. It’s so great when they can take us around and show us their favorite locations and we can incorporate it into their photos. I truly believe they will cherish those photos because they represent who they are in a profoundly personal way. This is exactly why we try to tell our couples to consider a meaningful location for their engagement photos.

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