Megan & Mason

June 7, 2016

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Living in the same place you grew up allows you some interesting opportunities. Especially when you’re a wedding photographer. This time the bride was someone Kyle has known since childhood. They attended the same schools growing up and their mothers were friends. It was fun to see her grow up and get married to an awesome guy and it was really interesting to see all the old friends and acquaintances who attended the wedding.

The ceremony was at McGregor Baptist Church in Ft Myers where they had the biggest receiving line we’d ever seen. Receiving lines are so much fun because they allow us some time to get candid photos of the couple and their family interacting with guests, and it’s great for the couple because they get some extra time to see friends and family immediately following their ceremony. This time they left the ceremony and went to a large room at the church and hung out for around an hour. It was really relaxed and fun.

After the receiving line, everyone headed over to the reception area at the Bay Club in Estero. This is an immaculate country club with gorgeous views. The bride had been here early in the morning getting ready, and we returned to do some portraits before the reception. Once the reception began in their main hall, everyone danced, sang and had a great time.

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