Kathleen & Dan

June 9, 2016

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We are a little late to the game when it comes to colored chalk engagement sessions, but I think holding out for the right couple proved worthwhile. When we were asked whether or not we’d like to have a little fun with Kathleen and Daniel’s engagement session, the first thought that went through my mind was “of course”, when they said colored chalk a little girl inside me squealed. I’ve seen them before and always wanted to shoot an adventurous couple who wanted to try something a little different.

My archaeology/history sense began tingling when Kathleen mentioned the Koreshan State Historic Site as a potential location for the session. As many know, I love local history and I’d never been to this park before, so getting to check it out while on a shoot was pretty awesome. It turns out it’s a pretty popular photography location as we saw at least two other sessions happening at that time. The park ranger even informed us that they even love seeing the photos made at their park. They were really photographer friendly, which was a refreshing change of pace.

As per our usual session, we started out more traditional. We like to walk and talk with the couple for a few minutes to break the ice and get everyone comfortable. Most couples haven’t really been in front of a camera together outside the occasional party or theme park trip. It’s daunting to have not one, but two massive cameras in your face and being told to preform various tasks. DANCE MONKEY! However, we get that… Kathleen and Daniel were less interested in these types of photos than they were something fun, so I think in the back of our minds the entire time, we were ready for the fun.

Kathleen had made the chalk herself out of corn starch and food coloring, and had it all divided by color. They both grabbed a fistful, and Sadie and I just tried to stay out of the line of fire. Despite our best efforts, we were cleaning colored powder off our gear for several days after. It was fun to finish the rest of the engagement session covered in the colored powder.

We’re thankful to have gotten to try something a little different. While portrait sessions are usually pretty fun, it’s always a welcome departure to try something new. Hopefully we will have many more new experiences in our future soon!

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