Florida Portrait Session Dates!

October 31, 2016


We told people when we were leaving that we would have some return dates for portrait sessions. Unfortunately, once we got here things were so hectic, our FL visits so far were very fast and didn’t allow time for any portrait sessions. So it’s with great excitement we’re announcing our first set of return dates for anyone looking for a portrait session!

December 4th – 10th

During this week, we will have limited availability for portrait shoots of all kinds. For those looking for holiday shoots, we are offering quick turnaround times. During our trip to FL, we will be culling and editing the portrait shoots so you should get your photos before we return to NC. This way you should still be able to get your holiday cards photographed, printed and mailed before the holidays!

However, holiday sessions aren’t all we’re shooting! Get in touch with us for any of your portrait session ideas and we’ll set them up.


While both Sadie and myself are making this trip, Sadie may be heading back to NC early to be with Conor. In the event that she does head back early in the week, I will be shooting the portrait sessions solo. In addition, we will have some commercial shoots scheduled during the week, which we may have to work around. As usual, mornings and evenings will probably be the best time to plan portrait sessions.

Portrait Session Pricing

For this trip, we’re offering special pricing for our portrait sessions. All portrait sessions will be available for $100, including a quick editing turnaround! If you know 3 or more friends who want portraits as well, we can throw together an impromptu “mini-session” and all get together at one location for $75 each session. This is great for couples and families looking to get photos done for the holidays.

If you have any questions about portrait sessions or availability during our trip back, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Laurie H Ingani 17:37 October 31, 2016 Reply
I would love to have holiday of Lily and Dom but mostly Lily!

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