Conor and I hanging out in my hammock by the fire.

Hello! Welcome to my wedding portfolio!

If you’re on this page, I guess you’re looking for a little more about me. Well, it’s a long complex story full of other stories and better told in person somewhere cool while hearing your own stories. However, I understand the importance of providing some insight here as well. So let me begin… I’ll be brief, I promise.

My photography career began in 2005 when I began as a photojournalist. I shot my first wedding in 2007. During my career I have shot a myriad of things outside weddings including theater and dance, pro football, other sports, assignments, and more. My favorite wedding to shoot is one with two laid back, but deeply in love couples – especially when they treat their wedding as a super personal, intimate affair. Sadie, my wife, and I made a lot of our wedding items because we wanted to bring ourselves into this big day. I love things like that. If you do too, we’re probably a great match.

The most rewarding wedding photography experience for me is when I get to know the couple well and we stay in touch after. Many of my favorite couples remain friends today, and shooting their weddings was a dream come true. I make my best, most personal work under those conditions.

Outside of photography my main hobby is hanging with my family. We have a two year old boy (Conor) and soon a little girl (Violet)! Conor loves playing outside and exploring and I love taking him to see new things. Hanging out in the mountains and throwing stones in the creek are two of our favorite activities to do together. Sadie loves crafting and is always crocheting or sewing. If you get one of our albums, she probably designed it!

Well… I think that’s enough about me for now. If I sound interesting, there’s a good chance I’d find you interesting too. Let’s meet up and talk!

You can learn more about me as well as see my non-wedding and portrait work at