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November 8, 2016


This has been a long time coming. For years we turned away shoots that were were always interested in doing, but had a difficult time fitting it into our business model. Sadie & Kyle photography has always been a wedding photography business primarily and anything else was secondary. However, things have changed. Maybe it was the birth of our nephew and son, or maybe it was the fun we had after giving something new a try. I know for me personally, I was always hesitant to build lasting relationships with families because I knew we would leave the area eventually. When you pick a family photographer, it’s important to build a really solid relationship with them, and it always seemed a little unfair for us to build these relationships knowing we would be leaving them behind. Now that we’re settling in and loving our new home in Charlotte, I think we’re ready to settle down, meet some cool families and grow together.

It’s hardly an announcement, since many people in the past couple years have had us photograph their families, seniors and huge life events. However at the same time, it’s the biggest announcement we’ve made since becoming Sadie & Kyle. You’ll soon see our website populated with more and more photos. At the end of the day we’re still portrait photographers, but we will be pursuing new shoots and building some photo packages. If you’re in the Charlotte area, keep posted to see what we add. If you’re elsewhere, we will always post travel dates on our Facebook page.

So… what’s new? The new sessions we’re offering will fall into a few popular categories.


Lifestyle Photography

Life happens so quickly and then all you’ve got left are a few fleeting memories! I’ve always loved documentary photography. I began my career as a photojournalist and I’ve had the opportunity to cover the highest and lowest parts of people’s lives. In fact, I knew how to document an event long before I was comfortable posing people. Still to this day, I prefer to get people in their element and feeling like themselves before taking photos. For me, lifestyle photography is about capturing people in their element, doing what they love. It could be a 1st birthday party or it could be an important swim meet. No matter what event your family is getting ready for, I want to be available to document so you can preserve those memories.


Family portrait photography

We’ll be offering more options in the way of family portraits. Our style is very laid back. We want to take your family to your favorite park or do your favorite activity and document it. Of course, we’ll post some traditional portraits as well, but we love to shoot families in their element, doing what they love and being together. We’ve already built some family portrait packages for smaller families as well as larger families with lifestyle and traditional portrait options. Let’s get together and get crazy.


Senior portrait photography

We’re not new to seniors. I’ve been shooting senior portraits when the opportunities arose for a few years. It wasn’t anything I actively pursued, but it was something I enjoyed. I absolutely love how seniors develop a unique sense of style and it’s always a great time going out and capturing their personalities. Our senior portrait sessions aren’t done in a studio against a boring backdrop like mine were. We get out and make environmental portraits at their favorite places. Senior portrait sessions are a lot like lifestyle sessions in a way because the best results always happen when we’re just having a good time. High school seniors are always good for that; they’re living the best days of their lives!

charlotte-lifestyle-photographers-02Maternity and newborn photography

Finally, maternity and newborn photography packages will be coming. I have to admit… I was always a little nervous around newborns before becoming a father myself. They’re cute and fun and all, but being 6′ 3″, they’re also so tiny! They’re unpredictable, they squirm and wiggle and don’t get me started on their temperaments. But now that I am seeing life through dad eyes, I realize these are all the things that make newborns and babies so exciting! They’re so full of new discoveries. Seeing the world through their eyes is like discovering America, or landing on the moon. It’s phenomenal – beyond words – it’s the greatest. Coming to maternity, newborn and baby photography from this perspective makes the decision simple. As for Sadie.. well.. she’s wanted to do this for forever.

While the details will be worked out over time, like they usually are, we are excited. This new direction will hopefully help us create more friendships and become a part of our community. We plan on sticking around here for a very long time. If you’re interested in booking any of the sessions above, head over to the contact page and let us know!


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