A Day Is Gonna Come

August 25, 2016


Three years ago when Sadie and I were married, we had a dream. Actually, we had a dream before even that day. Our dream was to leave FL and start our lives again in a new place. We wanted to leave the town we were raised in and experience something new. We wanted to leave some things behind in search for others.

However, life has a way of prolonging those plans. It comes and says “not yet”. Sometimes it says “not ever”. Fortunately for us, the day has finally come!

I can’t say we weren’t happy in FL, because we absolutely were. Even though we’re not that into the beach and we found 8 months of summer borderline unbearable, we have so many amazing memories here. We started a family here. In some ways, I think FL will be missed. But in so many others, I think we will never look back.

Today is the day our moving truck arrives. I haven’t exactly been candid, but I wanted to hold out on any “official” announcements. However, I think now is a fine time to to fill everyone in. Our truck will be here in a few hours, we’ll load it up and in a week we will close on selling our home and leave.

For those who currently have us booked, we’ve likely already spoken to you about our plans. We will be returning for your wedding. For those still interested in booking us, special arrangements may be made.

We’re sincerely thankful for EVERYTHING you all have done for us. We’re well on our way to living our dream, thanks to the love and support from everyone.

– Kyle

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